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Paper Only Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, glossy, phone books and printer / office/ brown paper

NO - waxed paper or carbon paper
Keep clean and dry

Only put all newspapers into a separate bag and all other papers can go in the recycling bin
Paper and paperboard for packaging, tissues, toilet paper, egg cartons, masking tape and coffee filters
Cardboard Only Flattened cardboard boxes and packaging, corrugated cardboard, cereal & muesli bar boxes and egg cartons

NO - waxed cartons
Keep clean and dry

Flattened only please
Paper and paperboard for packaging
Cans Only Aluminium or steel beverage & food cans and metal lids from jars

All metals are fully recyclable
Washed, then squashed Melted down and used in production of new aluminium and steel products
Plastic Only Soft drink / juice/ water /milk bottles, salad & biscuit trays, dressings salad & condiments containers, crinkly shopping / freezer bags, ice cream containers, shampoo, chemical salad & detergent bottles, buckets and containers with recycling logos 1 - 7 Containers to be washed and flattened

Pillow / sleeping bag filling, clothing, soft drink bottles, carpet, recycling bins, compost bins, buckets, detergent containers, posts, fencing and pipes
Co-mingle This is a combination of all products above except for glass

This option is offered where space is minimal or recyclable material volume is low
Preparation as listed above

All recyclable material is hand sorted, so we appreciate your cooperation
As above

We accept polystyrene - including meat trays and containers in our co-mingle recycle bins
Please do not put hazardous material containers e.g. pesticides, oil or toxic chemicals in the recycle bins

download a PDF copy of our Recycling Guide here