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Welcome to Happy Weka Recycling Bins

Happy Weka Recycle bins provide a recycle service for commercial and residential customers throughout the Marlborough region; a simple, professional, regular recycle solution for businesses and households not covered by the council's new kerbside collection. I'm recycling. How about you? "I'm recycling... and you can too"

The days are gone where it was OK to burn rubbish in your back yard or bury it in the paddock. And with landfill space becoming more scarce and expensive; recycling makes sense - keeping valuable resources out of landfill and applying a positive effect upon our environment.

With people becoming more conscious and aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, here at Happy Weka Recycling we want to make it easy for everyone to help do their bit, and pass on a better world to the next generation.

Check out the Recycling page for commonly asked recycling questions and to learn more about what can be recycled, where it goes after collection, and how it's used.

We can supply Weka Green Waste and / or Weka Co-mingle recycle bins and for our commercial customers; larger segregated bins for sizeable volumes of single product; for example cardboard or plastic.

Currently we offer a scheduled service of weekly or fortnightly collections and plan soon to provide a "ring in" service and scheduled monthly pickup. Happy Weka recycling bins should be available from your existing waste collection company.

For a list of current Weka Bin suppliers or for further information on ordering your Weka bin today visit our Services page.